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Savings Plans

We offer savings plans for our customers because we want to make sure they are getting the the coverage they need for them and their families!

Premium vision coverage that you will find exclusively here at Cheyne Eye Center. There are no claim forms, no deductibles! It’s really easy to save. Check out the savings plans we have below for more information on how you can save today!

How it works

The Premium Vision Plan works similar to many insurance plans. Your monthly fee will come out of you bank account by auto-draft each month and therefore you will receive discounts on the services and products in our office. These plans are designed to cover one routine vision exam per year. This includes the Optomap retinal images at no additional cost to the members.

Platinum Plan Benefits

  • Annual eye exam— 100% covered
  • Optos Retinal Imaging— 100% covered
  • Contaact lens fitting fee— 50% covered
  • Glasses— 50% covered
  • Platinum Plan Premium $24/person per month

Gold Plan Benefits

  • Annual eye exam— 100% covered
  • Optos Retinal Imaging— 100% covered
  • Contact lens fitting fee— 50% covered
  • $150 allowance toward purchase of glasses
  • Gold Plan Premium $12/person per month

Administering the Plan

We administer the plan right here and works directly with you! Any questions about the plan can be answered by our friendly staff. There is no need for 3rd party company information!

Terms and conditions:

  • Discounts through the Cheyne Eye Center Premium Vision Coverage are only available through Cheyne Eye Center.
  • Membership fees are to be paid for a 12 month membership and are non-refundable.
  • Fees and plan discounts are subject to change without notice.
  • Membership can be terminated for failure to pay membership fees.
  • Non-prescription sunglasses are not covered in plan.
  • All out of pocket expenses must be paid at time of order.
  • Benefits not available until 3 months after enrollment or with fee paid in advance.